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6 marketing and equipment innovations that caused a buzz at the restaurant show

From free tattoos to robotic arms, the NRA Show was filled with new and exciting ideas

As everyone filters back into their respective hometowns after the National Restaurant Association Show, it’s time to look back at some of the most innovative trends we saw at the show — from marketing to equipment.

There are the classic booths that always have lines around them — thinking about Broaster and Vienna Beef — but there were new innovative marketing solutions at the show this year that drew crowds unlike years past.

Nextbite, the virtual dining concept, had TikTok star Dylan Lemay at its booth slinging ice cream at people from long distances, while anti-third-party delivery platform Lunchbox was offering free tattoos and Red Bull was offering guests a chance to compete against friends in changing a racecar tire.

There was also innovative equipment, like Nala Robotics’ newest robotic arm, a robot that can deliver food to each individual at a table, and cups that heat seal and don’t leak.

Check out the following gallery to learn more about these marketing and equipment innovations from the NRA show.

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