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Morimoto Brings Global Touch to Napa

Morimoto Brings Global Touch to Napa

The latest addition to the busy Napa, CA, restaurant scene is Morimoto Napa, the Iron Chef’s first West Coast project. It debuted in mid-July.

By the end of the year, the 80-seat modern Japanese place will be rubbing elbows with two other notable newcomers: Lark Creek’s Fish Story and Tyler Florence’s Rotisserie and Wine. A 40-seat patio, lounge and sushi bar offer a variety of dining options, from small plates to a $110 omakase (chef’s choice) menu.

Like its predecessors, Masaharu Morimoto’s latest menu fuses eastern and western cooking styles and ingredients. It combines favorites such as toro tartare and tuna pizza with new creations, such as sea urchin carbonara and fig tempura. Much of the menu is sourced locally, but seafood is hauled over from Tokyo’s legendary Tsukiji market. Entrée prices range from $23-$55.

The wine list includes about 200 local wines and 30 sakes; Morimoto’s signature Rogue ale is also on the menu and, pending approval of a brewing license, microbrews are in the offing.