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Menu News

Snazzy Side Dish

The rich, cheesy flavor and satisfying potato texture of Classic Casserole® Scalloped Potatoes from Basic American Foods offer a side dish option that's versatile enough to be turned into a main course with the addition of simple ingredients. For a free sample and product information, call Basic American Foods, 800-722-2084.

Whole-Grain Rice

Respond to the demand for healthful whole grains with Uncle Ben's® whole grain products, recognized by the Whole Grains Council's Whole Grain Stamp. Choose from flavors such as Uncle Ben's naturel Golden Harvest, and Uncle Ben's Infused® Chicken & Wild Rice Pilaf. Call 800-432-2331 or visit

Flavored Smoothies

It just got easier for foodservice operators to expand their beverage offerings, with Minute Maid® Smoothies from Coca-Cola North America. They're available in six flavors: mango, peach, strawberry, raspberry, banana and ice cream beverage. For more information, visit

Taste of the Amazon

Add the exotic flavor of Açai to your beverage menu without traveling to Brazil. Monin Gourmet Flavorings offers the new Monin Açai, made from berries grown at the top of palm trees in Amazonian Brazil. It features a bittersweet berry aroma, and lightly tart berry and dried plum flavors with earthy undertones. Use it to flavor teas, sodas, cocktails and more. Call 800-966-5225 or visit

Cool Seasonal Recipes

For cool new dessert options to add to your spring and summer menus, request your free set of recipe cards from Hershey®'s Food Service. Signature ideas include Ice Cream S'Mores Pie, Warm Chocolate Cupcake Sundae, Triple Treat Peanut Butter Sundae, Hummingbird Cake, Ceviche Summer Fruit Salad with Oatmeal Toffee Cookie, and much more. Drink and entree ideas are included as well. Visit the website at or call 877-772-3556 for more information.

Organic Coffee

Organic Shade Grown Mexico and Decaf Organic Shade Grown Mexico coffee from Starbucks Coffee Company is grown by farmers in southern Mexico, using traditional shade-growing to protect the last remaning cloud forest in their region. The coffee offers bold acidity and a crisp refreshing finish. For details, visit

Fruit Puree With a Kick

Dole Fresh Frozen Fruits, colorful and flavorful purees, can give a boost to every part of your menu, from beverages to desserts. The Raspberry Chipotle Puree, for example, is an essential ingredient in a Raspberry Chipotle Margarita, a zesty vinaigrette, a sauce for duck or a complement for rich chocolate desserts. For details, call 800-723-9868, or visit

Hot Off the Grill

GrillBites from Advance Food Company are fully cooked flamebroiled bites of beef, chicken or pork. Use them in sandwiches, wraps, salads or on their own with a dipping sauce. For information about GrillBites, visit the website at

Breakfast To Go

For a convenient, portable breakfast option, consider Anchor® Breakfast Poppers®. They pair scrambled egg, Andouille sausage and jalapenos with Monterey Jack cheese, in a maple pancake batter. Call McCain Foods USA at 866-767-7377 for info, or visit

Squeezable Garlic

Get the buttery texture, sweet aroma and savory bite of roasted garlic with Minor's® Signature Flavor Roasted Garlic sauce in new squeezable bottles. Use the sauce for burgers, frittatas, or entrees such as Seared Sea Scallops with Wild Mushrooms. For more information from Nestlé FoodServices, call 800-243-8822 or visit

Better Biscuits

Now you can offer fully baked, Heat & Serve or bake-off Buttermilk Biscuits from Bridgford. They're 0g Trans Fat, available in a variety of sizes, in round or square shapes. For details from Bridgford, call 800-527-2105 or visit

Eggcellent Chef

The American Egg Board's newest Eggscellent Chef Ambassador is Cindy Pawlcyn of Mustards Grill, Go Fish and Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, all in California's Napa Valley. For egg menu ideas, visit

Dramatic Desserts

Add fruit flavor and artisitc flair to your dessert menu with minimal effort, using Smucker's® PlateScapers® Strawberry dessert toppings. Put a dramatic finishing touch on cheesecake, yogurt parfaits or other signature desserts. For recipe ideas and more, visit

Fast Casual Avocados

Order Fresh California Avocado recipe brochures that are full of easily assembled and versatile menu ideas. Visit or call the California Avocado Commission Foodservice Hotline at 800-370-3782.

It's Mango Month

June is Mango Month and you can celebrate it in style by adding green or ripe mangos to your menu. Mangos mix easily with savory, sweet, hot and spicy ingredients. For recipe ideas — including salsas, chutneys and more — from the National Mango Board, visit

Turkey Program

To help operators menu turkey, Foster Farms has developed a Fresh Roasted Turkey Program. It's easy to prepare, menu and market fresh roasted turkey to patrons with the Foster Farms premium cut of ready-to-cook turkey breasts. For more information about the program and product, visit

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