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June: Posh Patties Are A Go

If you’re waiting for the nation’s top chefs and restaurateurs to stop opening hamburger joints this month, well you’re likely going to wait a little longer. It’s not just the economic and cultural factors pushing posh patties to the forefront. The planets, too, are definitely in a sesame seed cycle.

The moon, which in astrology is said to ‘rule’ both the stomach and the emotional climate, is in a position in this month’s chart that one eminent astrologer has described as “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” This figurative insight is meant to imply a position of “innocence,” one in which a vibrant simplicity (as represented by a crowd-pleasing burger) easily triumphs over elevated efforts reflective of a sophisticated worldview. Net-net, if I was a betting man I’d say that somebody is going to make a killing with a great grilled Greek lamb patty this summer.

This notion of simplicity is additionally emphasized by Venus and Mercury, both important planets in the lives of restaurant professionals (who knew, right?). Venus, which stands for our most beautiful creations as well as the money to pay for them, is in warlike Aries right now (a placement that does not make the goddess of love at all happy), compounded by the fact of an interception (sort of like being in jail) in the second house of resources. In plainer English, we are all feeling materially reined in right now, and waving luxury goods in front of the masses is a red flag of monstrous proportions.

Mercury wants to help, though. The planet of communications, which was moving backwards (not literally, but apparently) through most of May, has turned direct once more as June begins. Interestingly, it is presently urging a message of worth certification, the sort of message one might craft if they were offering an uncommon hamburger, say one prepared by a world famous chef from cows that gave their lives for some noble ecological purpose. But simpler than that.

Steven Mark Weiss is a career foodservice trade journalist, consultant and author with a confessed addiction to messing around with astrology. His astrologically-themed books include ‘Signs of Taste’ and ‘Signs of Success.’ He cosmically blogs on business matters at