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Tour the new Assembly food hall by DMK Restaurants

Assembly in Arlington, Va.’s Rosslyn City Center is designed to offer a high-end dining, socialization and relaxation amenity for complex tenant employees and visitors.

How do you make the workplace something employees want to come to? A major component is likely the presence of desirable amenities like dining, socializing and relaxation spaces where staff can work, or just enjoy a meal, snack or refreshments, alone or together. Assembly, a food hall complex in the Rosslyn City Center office complex in Arlington, Va., seeks to do just that with its combination of restaurant concepts and dining, work and event spaces.

The 30,000-square-foot venue incorporating restaurant concepts from high-end hospitality firm DMK Restaurants offers a mix of lounges, dining rooms, worktables, private rooms and a massive outdoor terrace as seating options, along with a single mobile ordering system incorporating all the concepts so groups can easily mix and match food and drink orders that are then brought to their tables.

Here's a look at the spaces and some of the menu items…

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