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New on the menu: Pimentón fritters and a tomato cocktail

Plus fine-dining pork inspired by barbecue, scallop aguachile, and a Cuban take on paella

Cocody Restaurant & Bar is a new fine-dining restaurant in Houston, but chefs David Denis and Lionel Debon draw from local barbecue traditions for inspiration for their $28 pork dish.

Outside of Washington, D.C., in Tysons, Va., at the new Tex-Mex restaurant Ometeo, chef and partner Kyle Bailey takes ceviche upscale by making it with scallops. 

Chef Francisco Javier Parreño highlights Cuba’s multicultural nature at La Nacional, a Spanish restaurant in New York City with a dish of rice, sausage, and eggs on the restaurant’s new brunch menu.

Across the river in Brooklyn, Zach Frieling uses aged Manchego cheese to boost the flavor of his pimentón fritters at the Cecily.

And in Las Vegas, at the latest location of LPM Restaurant & Bar, which also operates in Miami, London, Hong Kong, Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and on Cypress, Italian tomatoes are at the foundation of a savory cocktail that also has white balsamic vinegar and vodka.

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Correction: February 06, 2024
This gallery has been edite to reflect that La Nacional is a Spanish restaurant.
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