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Five new restaurants in the Mountain states to check out

A look at Bistro Mariposa, Sir Denver, Homegrown Tap & Dough, Ferdinand’s Restaurante and The Pepper Club

Spring is here and that’s a good time to eat out in the Rocky Mountain West, where the snow is melting and the weather is warming up. Patios are opening and there's a fresh energy flowing through the dining scene as operators are shaking off both the winter and the pandemic and opening restaurants.

Colorado is blossoming with new concepts and restaurant expansions. This includes a butterfly-inspired tequila cafe in the mountain town and gambling mecca of Black Hawk, a snazzy gay bar in Denver and the third location of a popular Italian eatery in the Denver suburb of Littleton.

New Mexico welcomes a horror-themed sausage spot, perfect for those who want a little blood with their dinner. In Nevada celebrated chef and restauranteur Todd English expands his empire in Las Vegas with a hip Japanese restaurant inside a hotel.

Finally, in Montana a Spanish-style tapas restaurant features pictures of a beloved book character, all done by a local artist.

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