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Master Mixologists: Chad Solomon and Christy Pope

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Christy Pope and Chad Solomon created Dallas’s newest cocktail lounge.

During a recent visit to CBD Provisions in Dallas at the Joule Hotel, we were so blown away by the cooking of chef Michael Sindoni, we named him a Rising Star. It was a memorable night made even more memorable when we discovered a new cocktail lounge on a subterranean level below the restaurant. Midnight Rambler is a dark, sexy space serving neo-classical cocktails created by two top-gun mixologists, Chad Solomon and Christy Pope. The duo is highly regarded for their work in Manhattan at top venues, including Pegu Club and Milk & Honey. They were called in by Consilient Hospitality, which owns CBD, to create a cocktail program for the restaurant. They opened the Rambler in partnership with the Joule, which gave them the keys to do what they do best, which is create world-class cocktails in a space that oozes old-school rock ’n’ roll glamour. Despite the Rambler’s retro feel, Solomon and Pope are cutting-edge mixologists who, behind the scenes, use centrifuges, immersion circulators and dehydrators to engineer unique cocktail recipes, such as Blind Lemon Sour (Texas Blue Corn Whiskey, Lemon, Mineral Wells Mineral Syrup, Egg White and Texas Cedar/Grapefruit Aromatic Essence). Midnight Rambler is a cocktail lounge that would stand out in any of America’s top cities. Dallas should thank its lucky stars that Solomon, a Dallas native, decided to come home and bring his mixology pal with him. Together,  CBD and the Rambler provide an unbeatable one-two punch.


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