A common vision will help the family survive within a business experts suggest Thinkstock
<p>A common vision will help the family survive within a business, experts suggest.</p>

Family-owned restaurants: How to balance people, profits, part 1

<p>Too few family businesses survive into the second and third generations of ownership. Poor communication is often to blame. Part 1: a plan to fix that.</p> <p><a href="/management-tips">&bull; See more Management Tips articles</a></p> <p><a href="/family-owned-restaurants-how-balance-people-profits-part-2">&bull; Family-owned restaurants, part 2</a></p>

In the best of worlds a family business would thrive for many generations, providing inspiration and revenue for decades to come. Reality, alas, is usually more somber. “Only 30 percent of family businesses survive into a second generation, and only 17 percent into a third,” says Kathyann Kessler Overbeke, principal of GPS: Generation Planning Strategies, Beachwood, OH.

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