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The New Yorker, Wisconsin-Style

INGREDIENTS:24 slices pumpernickel bread
1 ½ cups Horseradish Mustard Mixture (recipe follows)
24 slices dill pickle sandwich sliced, drained
12 slices Wisconsin Smoked Gouda Cheese
24 slices hard salami, thinly slices
1 qt. Pickle Slaw (recipe follows)
24 slices Wisconsin Gruyere Cheese
2 lbs. corned beef, thinly shaved
12 pickle slices, for garnish
12 large green olives, for garnish

Horseradish Mustard Mixture:
1 cup Dijon mustard
¼ cup prepared horseradish

Pickle Slaw:
2 qts. cabbage, shaved
1 ½ cups dill pickle relish,drained
1 cup mayonnaise DIRECTIONS:On a clean, flat surface, lay out bread slices. Spread each slice evenly with 1 Tbsp. Horseradish Mustard Mixture. Top half of the bread slices (12) with 2 pickle slices. Layer 1 slice Wisconsin Smoked Gouda, 2 slices hard salami and 1/3 cup Pickle Slaw on top of pickle slices. Top remaining 12 bread slices with 1 slice Wisconsin Gruyere and 3 oz. shaved corned beef. Put the 2 different topped sandwich halves together and tap down to secure. Cover and refrigerate.

To serve: Slice sandwich in half diagonally. Skewer top half diagonally. Skewer top of each half with a food pick speared with a pickle slice and olive. Combine ½ cup Dijon mustard with ¼ cup prepared horseradish. In a bowl, combine cabbage and pickle relish. Stir in mayonnaise.

Combine slaw mix with remaining Horseradish Mustard Mixture and toss well to coat. Cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours before using as directed. SERVINGS:12 sandwiches. Portion: 1 sandwich, ¼ cup sauce From:Chef George Lackey,Hotel Iroquois, Mackinac Island, Mich. PHOTO CREDIT:Photo Credit: WISCONSIN MILK MARKETING BOARD