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Salmon Nuggets

INGREDIENTS:1 whole salmon fillet (approx. 3 lbs.), skinned and all bones removed
1 Tbsp. kosher salt
½ tsp. garlic powder
1 -6 oz. package panko Japanese bread crumbs
4 whole eggs, cracked and whisked
1 cup all-purpose flour as needed, vegetable oil for fryingDIRECTIONS:Portioning the salmon: Place salmon on cutting board and remove any fat or undesirable portions. Cut 3 to 4 long strips lengthwise across the salmon, then cut cross-wise, forming 1-inch cubed pieces. Place fish in a pan and season with salt and garlic powder.

In three separate bowls, place panko bread crumbs, whipped eggs and allpurpose flour for standard breading procedure. Place salmon in flour, remove and dust off excess. Place floured salmon into egg mixture, then remove and place salmon in the panko bread crumbs. Pat to make sure bread crumbs are evenly distributed over the cubed fish. Salmon may be breaded and frozen for advance preparation.

In a fryer at 350°F or in a skillet with 1 inch vegetable oil, fry salmon nuggets until golden brown. Freshly breaded will take 34 minutes, frozen will take 5-7 minutes. Place salmon in a holding area to allow excess oil to drain off.SERVINGS:12 servingsFrom:Disney Institute Culinary Programming Chefs