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Asian Barley, Wheat Berry and Shiitake Mushroom Burrito

INGREDIENTS:2 lbs. barley
2 lbs. wheat berries
3 ½ gals. vegetable stock, divided
4 oz. vegetable oil
4 onions, cut into strips
8 red bell peppers, cut into strips
1 Tbsp. + 1 tsp. garlic chopped
2 tsps. fresh ginger, minced
2 lbs. shiitake mushrooms, stems removed, caps sliced
1 tsp. black pepper, or to taste
4 oz. sesame oil
8 oz. soy sauce
8 oz. hoisin sauce, divided
24 10 inch flour tortillas
2 bunches green onions, cleaned, cut on the bias into stripsDIRECTIONS:1. Toast barley on a sheet pan in a 350°F. oven for approximately 10 minutes or until slightly browned. Reserve.

2. In separate stock pots, cook barley and wheat berries in vegetable stock to cover by two inches (additional stock may be needed). Due to different cooking times, the grains must be cooked separately. Reserve hot.

3. In a large sauté pan, heat vegetable oil, add onions and peppers and caramelize. Add garlic and ginger, cook an additional minute to blend. Add mushrooms and black pepper, Cook an additional two minutes. Add sesame oil, soy sauce and 4 oz. of hoisin sauce.

4. Add grains to mushroom mixture and mix well.

5. To serve: Divide mixture among tortillas and roll tightly. Garnish plates with remaining hoisin from a squeeze tube and sliced green onions.NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: Calories 680 (22% from fat ); Fat 16g (sat. 3g); Protein 24g; Carbohydrates 113g; Sodium 1270mg; Cholesterol 0mg; Fiber 16g
SERVINGS:24 burritosFrom:Lou Herman, Chef Bard College (Flik International Corp)