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The Resy Drive Thru Rendering 1.png Resy
The Resy Drive Thru features dishes from Nancy Silverton, Curtis Stone and more LA-based fine-dining restaurants.

Resy’s latest partnership aims to bring fine dining to the drive-thru in an October event in LA in a new COVID-era dining experience

The 10-course offering includes dishes from Nancy Silverton, Curtis Stone, Nyesha Arrington and more

Reservation platform Resy Network Inc. is partnering with Los Angeles-based fine-dining chefs and restaurants for a 10-course drive-thru experience Oct. 15 and 16 in Los Angeles.

The takeout-based tasting-menu experience will take over the Hollywood Palladium, where customers will be ushered through the space by a “waiter” and visit each “restaurant” to pick up each course — all without leaving their cars.

“Resy’s investment in experiential is part of its DNA as a brand because events have an unmatched ability to connect chefs and diners and to transmit the magic of hospitality,” said Ben Leventhal, vice president and general manager of the American Express Global Dining Network, in a statement. Resy was acquired by American Express in 2019 and is running the event in conjunction with the company.

The event will include such chefs as Nancy Silverton of Chi Spacca, Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza; Chase and Chad Valencia of Lasa; Keith Corbin of of Alta Adams; Mei Lin of Nightshade; Akira Akuto, Nick Montgomery and Jen Yee of Konbi; Curtis Stone of Gwen; Kris Yenbamroong of Night + Market; and Nyesha Arrington.

Restaurants include Jon & Vinny’s and Trap Kitchen. A bonus item is planned from Majordomo, and, for American Express card members, an amuse bouche is expected from Kismet.

Chefs and restaurants will create items that can travel well, organizers said.

They also said that because the event was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be stringent safety protocols in place.

Guests must remain in their vehicles at all times, wear a mask whenever interacting with a server and enter in 15-minute time slots. Each car will have a designated waiter who walks the auto through the experience to minimize event personnel exposure.

And all dishes will be served in single-use disposable containers.

Tickets are $95 a person and can be purchased through the Resy app or via the Resy website.

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