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7 fascinating new restaurants we’re dying to try this fall

Permanent outdoor dining, smoky barbecue obsessions, community-minded comfort food from all over the world and new concepts from coast to coast

While restaurant patios hold onto warmer weather, the restaurant industry hopes for a change in the current (and harsh) economic and political climate. The ongoing pandemic has made things bleak, no doubt about it.

Still, we hold onto the bright glimmers of hope with new restaurant openings this season. These newcomers bring a sense of place reoriented in some cases: A French brasserie in Tex-Mex country of San Antonio’s Pearl district. Fine Italian dining in the heart of Nashville’s honky-tonk avenue. Art merging with cuisine and diners wrapped in blankets for al fresco bliss in San Francisco.  Two other new concepts are permeated by smoke, the barbecue variety.

We see more pandemic-related shifts: parking spaces are becoming dining spaces, and takeout takes on new urgency. And this year isn’t over yet.

Check out these new restaurants emerging onto the scene and ready to weather the elements for the remainder of this year and beyond.

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