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New on the menu: Short rib bo ssam and the latest from Harold Dieterle and Lawrence Weeks

Plus branzino sashimi and a cucumber-basil cocktail with grapefruit

Some Top Chef champions have their moment in the sun and then fade into history, and others, like Harold Dieterle, have legitimate staying power. The first-ever Top Chef champion recently opened Il Totano in New York City, where he’s dry-aging Kona Kampachi and serving it in a preparation inspired by his ancestral homeland of northern Sicily.

Speaking of raw fish, in Miami, at Giselle, Gustavo Zuluaga is using branzino to make a sashimi in a sauce made of plum wine and tomato water.

A Korean friend of Luke Joseph, co-chef of Current Charcoal Grill in Birmingham, Ala., is the inspiration of his short rib bo ssam made by draining off the excess liquid from his house-made kimchi and braising the beef in it.

But it’s two foods, Okinawan taco rice and Texas Frito Pie, that inspired chef Lawrence Weeks’ creativity at Ensō in Louisville, Ky.

And at Escape Rooftop Bar in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., cucumber, basil, and grapefruit all go together (along with vodka and gin), to make a summery cocktail by Nathan Berumen.


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