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Flavor of the Week

The classic combination: Salt and vinegar

This classic potato chip flavor is seeing new life in other applications. Although still most frequently seen on potatoes — baked ones and fries as well as chips — the salty-tangy combination is also suitable for other hearty vegetables as well as breads — there’s no reason not to offer salt-and-vinegar bagels or pita chips — and proteins.

Salt and vinegar are, of course, also essential ingredients for pickling.

The robust and pronounced combination should have particular appeal to younger consumers, who tend to enjoy amped up flavors, although this traditional blend is actually best known by Black consumers and members of Generation X.

Market research firm Datassential reports that the salt-and-vinegar combination is found on 3.2% of U.S. menus, up 32% over the past four years.

Click through the gallery to learn more about this Flavor of the Week and see how one restaurant is using salt and vinegar on its menu.

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