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Canela Bistro amp Wine Bar serves shishito peppers as an appetizer
<p>Canela Bistro &amp; Wine Bar serves shishito peppers as an appetizer.</p>

Build a Better: Pepper dish

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Mild, richly sweet or fiery hot peppers add depth and dimension to your menu. According to the Sloan Trends list of the Top 10 Food Trends of 2015, one-third of consumers are more interested in global flavors than they were a year ago. Adding a little heat to your recipes—whether you draw on Asian, Latin, Mediterranean or Regional American influences—can appeal to adventurous diners. Here are a few examples.

At Canela Bistro & Wine Bar in San Francisco, piquillo and shishito peppers are incorporated into flatbread combos, cheese platters and tapas such as Flash-Fried Shishito Peppers with Flaky Sea Salt. At YardHouse restaurants, the Crispy Duck Wings appetizer is served with herb salad, maple soy glaze, sesame seeds, red onions and Serrano chiles. French-inspired dishes at Gaspar Brasserie in San Francisco include the Soft-Boiled Duck Egg with smoked eggplant, piquillo peppers, nicoise olives and tomato beurre blanc.

Peppery cocktails are also hot on beverage menus around the country. At Izakaya Midtown in Houston, the new menu features The Tiger’s Cup cocktail, made with gin, shishito, lemon, sea salt and tonic. The newly launched brunch menu at Dirt Candy in NYC emphasizes unique vegetable preparations, including vegetable-based cocktails such as the Yellow Pepper Mimosa.

Chef Danny Trace of Brennan’s Houston shares the following spicy football season recipe for Dirty Duck Hunter’s Chili made with poblano and jalapeno peppers, as well as cayenne and Louisiana hot sauce. Also, check out a few more pepper-rich recipe ideas for inspiration.

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