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House ricotta ravioli roasted carrot puree English peas radishes ricotta salata and mint at North Pond Chicago
<p>House ricotta ravioli, roasted carrot puree, English peas, radishes, ricotta salata and mint at North Pond, Chicago.</p>

Build a Better: Carrot dish

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You don’t have to look far to realize that carrots have moved into more prominent positions on menus these days. According to the virtual World Carrot Museum website, cultivated carrots are currently the second-most popular vegetable in the world, ranking just behind potatoes. In fact, carrots are being presented with flair and imagination at many restaurants around the country.

At Dirt Candy in NYC, chef Amanda Cohen’s menu includes large plates such as Pulled, Pickled and Jerked Carrots with Peanut Mole Sauce on Carrot Waffles ($25), and desserts like the Carrot Meringue Pie ($13) with Candied Carrot Chips and Sour Cream Ice Cream.  

On the seasonal tasting menu ($90) at North Pond in Chicago, chef/partner Jeff Sherman’s dishes include the Pasta, Carrots combination with house ricotta ravioli, roasted carrot puree, English peas, radishes, ricotta salata and mint.

Chef Jody Adams offers side dishes such as Honey Roasted Carrots with Ricotta Salata ($7) at Rialto in Cambridge, MA. Meanwhile, at Virginia’s in the East Village, chef Christian Ramos’ side dishes include Grilled Young Carrots with Pickled Ramps and Tokyo Turnips ($8).

At Rebelle, also in NYC, chef Daniel Eddy’s third course offerings include Carrots with Morels, Sugar Snap Peas, and Black Pepper ($24).

Chef Nick Erven’s menu at Saint Martha Restaurant in Los Angeles includes vegetable and grain dishes like Mixed Baby Carrots with Coconut, Tamarind Sriracha and Puffed Amaranth ($12).

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