Chirashi Scattered Steak features marinated petite tender lotus root pickles shiitake mushrooms sushi rice and wasabi mayonnaise

Chirashi Scattered Steak features marinated petite tender, lotus root pickles, shiitake mushrooms, sushi rice and wasabi mayonnaise.

The best lean beef cuts

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The Beef Checkoff offers a “lean list” of beef cuts to help you create snacks and small plates for customers looking for light menu items. In addition to serving right-sized offerings, many of the most popular foodservice steaks—sirloin, tenderloin, ranch, flank, T-bone, strip and petite tender, for example— happen to be lean. At about 150 calories per 3-ounce serving of lean beef, these cuts lend themselves to recipes featuring beef as an ingredient:

• Tenderloin
• Ribeye steak
• T-bone steak
• Petite tender
• Rib steak, small end
• Top sirloin
• Top loin (strip)
• Eye of round
• Top round
• Shoulder pot roast, boneless
• Brisket, flat half
• Tri-tip
• Flank steak
• Bottom round
• Ranch steak
• Ribeye filet
• Ribeye petite roast
• Top loin filet
• Top loin petite roast
• Top sirloin filet
• Top sirloin cap steak
• Top sirloin petite roast

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