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Chirashi Scattered Steak features marinated petite tender lotus root pickles shiitake mushrooms sushi rice and wasabi mayonnaise
<p> Chirashi Scattered Steak features marinated petite tender, lotus root pickles, shiitake mushrooms, sushi rice and wasabi mayonnaise.</p>

The best lean beef cuts

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The Beef Checkoff offers a “lean list” of beef cuts to help you create snacks and small plates for customers looking for light menu items. In addition to serving right-sized offerings, many of the most popular foodservice steaks—sirloin, tenderloin, ranch, flank, T-bone, strip and petite tender, for example— happen to be lean. At about 150 calories per 3-ounce serving of lean beef, these cuts lend themselves to recipes featuring beef as an ingredient:

• Tenderloin
• Ribeye steak
• T-bone steak
• Petite tender
• Rib steak, small end
• Top sirloin
• Top loin (strip)
• Eye of round
• Top round
• Shoulder pot roast, boneless
• Brisket, flat half
• Tri-tip
• Flank steak
• Bottom round
• Ranch steak
• Ribeye filet
• Ribeye petite roast
• Top loin filet
• Top loin petite roast
• Top sirloin filet
• Top sirloin cap steak
• Top sirloin petite roast

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