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Americans develop a taste for fish eggs

Chefs find creative applications for caviar and other roe

Caviar, the salted and preserved sturgeon eggs that were once the playthings of the wealthy, is becoming increasingly popular across the United States, often in more casual settings, and market researchers expect that trend to continue.

Fact.MR reports that caviar sales exceeded $100 million globally in 2022, and Market Data Forecast predicts annual growth of caviar consumption in North America of 8.9% through 2025.

Chefs say caviar and other less expensive fish roe, such as those of trout, flying fish, and salmon, have nice pops of briny and oceanic flavor and great visual appeal. Also, a little goes a long way, which means they can be added as garnish for a reasonable cost and at a price that doesn’t scare away customers.

Local trout roe is featured on the eggs Benedict at Yampa Valley Kitchen in Steamboat Springs, Colo., and salmon eggs garnish the Hamachi tacos at StripSteak in Las Vegas.

Kaluga, a farm-raised caviar variety, is feature on a sandwich at Kyu’s New York City location and on a wagyu beef sushi roll at Sake no Hana, also in New York. It dresses potato tots at The Ruxton in Baltimore and churros at Asador Bastian in Chicago.

Read on to see other roe applications across the country.

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