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1 Ingredient, 4 Ways

4 ways restaurant chefs are updating the classic beef burger

A perennial menu powerhouse, the beloved burger gets chef-driven updates with toppings like lobster, short rib, foie gras and melty raclette cheese

With all the media coverage of plant-based “meats,” you’d be forgiven for thinking the beef burger had stepped out of the spotlight. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. This beloved classic is still a quiet powerhouse on menus nationwide.

Haven’t seen burgers on any trend lists this year? That’s okay, burgers really don’t need any hype. You don’t need a marketing team working around the clock to sell burgers, just a grill cook, putting on that hard sear on the flattop for a diner-style crust.

And while the burger is about as simple and approachable as it gets, chefs also aren’t afraid to gussy it up. Ingredients like ground brisket, short ribs, and melty raclette are boosting the power of the invincible burger at restaurants around the country.

Here’s a closer look at four cheffed-up burgers.

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