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15 food trends that are cooking in 2015

15 food trends that are cooking in 2015

GALLERY: Chefs' predictions for 2015 restaurant trends

Like a good recipe, industry trends take time to develop. Restaurant Hospitality editors have been watching these cook all year. It’s our job to see which ones rise up and which fall flat like a bad soufflé. We are kitchen voyeurs who peer into pantries, snoop over chefs’ shoulders and devour what comes out of kitchens. We rub elbows with restaurant owners and designers, who also become part of the recipe for success.

We hope that dedication is what makes our 2015 trends piece stand out. This time around, we’ve predicted the lasting impact of each trend and assigned it a star rating: 10 stars = everyone will be doing it; 1 star = it’s a long shot. So, please, dig in, and explore with us the trends you should jump all over in the year ahead.

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