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Shrimp and Mango Gumbo
<p>Shrimp and Mango Gumbo</p>

Winning warm weather recipe ideas

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Chef consultant Michael Garahan of Joliet, IL, took home the $1,500 Grand Prize in the National Mango Board’s 2014 Mangover Your Menu foodservice recipe contest, with his winning Shrimp and Mango Gumbo recipe.

Frozen Roasted Tomato Bisque earned the $1,500 Grand Prize in Florida Tomato Committee’s 25th Annual “Best of the Best” recipe contest for Canadian culinary students. Jarrod Oglan, in his second year of internship at The Culinary Institute of Canada, created a savory twist to a frozen treat, featuring roasted tomato flavor, a smooth texture and notes of garlic, balsamic and basil combined with a red chili kick.

Here are their winning recipes:

• Shrimp and Mango Gumbo

• Frozen Roasted Tomato Bisque


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