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Crispy Fried Oyster Appetizer with Avocados
<p>Crispy Fried Oyster Appetizer with Avocados</p>

Small seafood plates that make a big splash

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Get inspired by these chefs who share their ideas for local seafood specialties. Their regional American recipes give a nod to global influences with combinations that have the staying power to become new classics.

Pacific oysters take on a California accent with chef Kevin Gin’s recipe from Bridges Restaurant in Danville, CA. Crispy fried oysters with avocados are served with creamy cilantro dressing and kimchi vinaigrette.

The heartland influence comes through in chef Paul Lynch’s specialty, walleye cakes, served at FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar in Bloomington, MN. The Minnesota flavor of walleye is complemented by lemon and tarragon remoulade.

The New England flavor of chef Ben Sargent’s lobster roll, aka Dr. Klaw’s Famous Underground Lobster Roll, wowed guests at “The Ultimate Catch” dinner held during the 2013 Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival. His advice: Go easy on the mayo, toast the bun and don’t forget the garlic butter.

• Crispy Fried Oyster Appetizer with Avocados
• Walleye Cakes
• Dr. Klaw's Famous Underground Lobster Roll
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