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quotLa Ratterdquo Potato Chip on Sushi
<p>&quot;La Ratte&rdquo; Potato Chip on Sushi</p>

Next-generation bar snacks revisit potato chips, nuts, pretzels

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Bar snacks abound, and with the rise in snacking, the trend shows every evidence of continuing to proliferate. According to a recent FONA International report on salty snacks, 47 percent of U.S. consumers say they regularly snack. The salty snacks category is a sizable, diverse and flavorful one. Flavors range from standard favorites (such as the top five: Cheddar cheese, sea salt, cheese, salted and barbecue) to newer combinations such as barbecue blended with fruit, smoke or heat notes.

Consider these new spins on bar nuts: Apple Pie Spiced Nuts are a flavorful rendition of mixed nuts, offered by executive chef Roger Waysok of South Water Kitchen in Chicago. Katie Keck of Savoir Faire Foods in NYC has created a recipe for Warm Thai Peanuts, while Pistachioritas from chef Robert Del Grande of RDG + Bar Annie in Houston feature pistachios roasted with smoked chile tequila and limes.

Here are seven cocktail-compatible recipes, including other salty favorites like pretzels, potato chips, popcorn and nuts.  

• Apple Pie Spiced Nuts
• Grape Roquefort Canapes
• "La Ratte” Potato Chip on Sushi
• Honey Whiskey Popcorn
• Warm Thai Peanuts

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