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Mississippi Chicken Slider

Mississippi Chicken Slider

Mississippi Chicken Slider



Source: Brakebush Brothers

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Ingredients & Directions

2.4 oz.
1 ea.
1 oz.
2 ea.
2 Tbsp.
1 Tbsp.

5332 Perfect Answers® Southern Select Breaded Portioned Breast Slider
Slider Bun
Havarti Cheese
Dill pickle chips
Creamy coleslaw
Tangy BBQ sauce (your choice)

  • 1. Heat chicken per specifications.
  • 2. Warm slider bun and place down pickle chips on bun base.
  • 3. Top with crispy chicken and BBQ sauce.
  • 4. Top with cheese and finish with the creamy slaw and slider bun top.

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