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Humboldt Clam Chowder
<p>Humboldt Clam Chowder</p>

Hearty seafood chowders to tempt winter appetites

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Traditionally, fish soups have celebrated a fisherman’s catch. Native Americans simmered shellfish stews, and when European settlers arrived, they built on that tradition with ingredients available in New England. The American appetite for clam chowder continues today, and not just in the Northeast.

At Humboldt Farm, Fish & Wine in Denver, Humboldt Clam Chowder ($7) is underscored by the flavors of smoked bacon and Tabasco sauce. Executive chef DJ Nagle says, “Our chowder is a recipe I’ve been making for 20 years—simple, classic and delicious. It’s a great combination of flavors that brings me great comfort.”

At Captain Kidd’s in Redondo Beach, CA, the signature clam chowder in served in a sourdough bread bowl. On the takeout menu, New England and Manhattan Clam Chowder are each $3.49 per cup/$5.49 per bowl. The 38-year-old family-run fish market and restaurant features fresh, locally sourced seafood from purveyors that Captain Kidd’s has relied on for a generation.

Here are these two clam chowder recipes, plus two other hearty seafood soup ideas from Executive chef Fred Muller of El Meze in Taos, NM and chef Richard Sandoval of Tamayo in Denver.

• Humboldt Clam Chowder
• Captain Kidd's Clam Chowder
• Hearty Seafood Pozole
• Cocido de Pescado

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