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From: Chef/partner Jonathan Bennett, Moxie The Restaurant and RED The Steakhouse, Beachwood, OH. Yield: 13 3-oz. servings.

as needed, Parmesan/thyme seasoning (see below)

1 carton Golden Grill Russet™ Premium Hashbrown Potatoes (or 40 oz. dry hashbrown potatoes)

as needed for frying, oil

Combine 3 parts grated Parmesan cheese with 1 part dried thyme leaves. Reserve.

Place dry (not refreshed) Golden Grill Russet™ Premium Hashbrown Potatoes in fry basket. Immerse into deep fryer with oil temperature set at 350°F to 360°F. Fry for 6 seconds until golden brown.

Remove from frying oil and let drain. While hot, sprinkle with seasoning mix as desired. Allow seasoned fried potatoes to drain on paper towels until cool before serving.