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Clam Stuffing

Clam Stuffing

Yield: 75-100 ½-oz. stuffing portions.

51 oz. Sea Watch Clams, clams drained

10 oz. shredded mozzarella

6 oz. Italian bread crumbs

1 Tbsp. dry Italian seasoning

1 tsp. garlic, minced

4 oz. onions, diced

4 oz. butter, melted

2 oz. sun-dried tomatoes in oil, minced

1 oz. fresh parsley, chopped

1strip of bacon, fried and chopped

Combine all above ingredients in a large bowl. Bring large pot of water to boil, add salt and blanch vegetables for 3 minutes; remove. Stuff mixture into mushroom caps, jalapeño peppers (split and seeded), and cherry peppers (top off and seeded). Bake at 425° for 8 minutes