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Chicken Spiced Noodle Salad

Chicken Spiced Noodle Salad

Chicken Spiced Noodle Salad


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Ingredients & Directions

3 cups
2 cups
1 cup
1/3 cup
1/3 cup
½ cup
½ cup
1/3 cup
½ cup
1 cup

2 cups
1 cup
¼ cup
2 Tbsp.
3 Tbsp.
1 Tbsp.
2 tsp.

5257 Pulled and Shredded Chicken Breast
Spaghetti noodles (cook and cool)
Snow peas (cook and cool)
Red pepper (medium dice)
Baby carrot (cut in half)
Baby corn (cut in thirds)
Straw mushrooms
Water chestnut
Sesame Garlic Dressing (recipe below)

Sesame Garlic Dressing
Asian Menu Sesame Garlic Sauce
Rice wine vinegar
Sweet chili sauce
Cilantro, fresh (chopped)
Sesame oil


1. In a chilled bowl combine all ingredients and toss with one cup of the Sesame Garlic Dressing.

To make dressing:
1. In a bowl combine all ingredients except the oil.

2. Whisk in oil.

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