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Banana Sesame Borekas
<p>Banana Sesame Borekas</p>

Build breakfast business with globally inspired egg dishes

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The simple egg takes on new personality with ethnic interpretations seen on all-day menus. According to the American Egg Board, key breakfast trends these days include eggs served beyond traditional breakfast hours, better-for-you morning meals, ethnic offerings and spicy breakfast items. Here are a few ideas from chefs who added new accents to egg dishes.

Fried eggs have come a long way since the “two looking at you” sunny-side up classic of diner lore. For example, executive chef Michael Sindoni of CBD Provisions in Dallas features Texas-sourced ingredients on his breakfast menu when possible. Dishes include Braised Tripe with house chorizo and smoked paprika, topped with a fried egg. In Washington DC, Chef Bryan Voltaggio’s Range serves a hearty dish of Country Ham Congee with a fried egg and red eye gravy.

Fans of scrambled eggs will appreciate recipes such as chef Jonathan Clemons’ Avocado Scramble, from The Porch Restaurant and Bar in Sacramento. His dish incorporates melted Monterey Jack cheese, cornmeal fried avocado, Creole Mustard Hollandaise and chopped green onions for $16.

Eggs Benedict variations demonstrate the versatility of poached eggs. According to Datassential Menu Trends 2014, gourmet varieties of Eggs Benedict are trending up on menus, with pulled pork up 300 percent, and lobster up 72 percent. At Travelle in Chicago, Chef Tim Graham offers Eggs Benedict dishes inspired by world cuisines. Morocco, Florence, England and Norway are just a few of the Benedictine Traveler varieties. Menu prices range from $18 for the Florentine Benedict, $21 for the Moroccan Benedict and $25 for the Burgundian Benedict.

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