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Banana Choc Peru

From: Pastry Chef Marc Ducobu, Patisserie Ducobu, Waterloo, Belgium.

Sablé Dough:

4¼ oz. butter

2 oz. sugar

¼ oz. salt

1 egg

1 oz. broyage (crushed, roasted cocoa nibs)

7 oz. flour

as desired, vanilla

Peru Chocolate Mousse:

15¾ oz. Callebaut Origine Peru dark chocolate

8¾ oz. sugar syrup

5 oz. egg yolk

30¾ oz. whipped cream

Chocolate Almond Cream:

5½ oz. sugar

1¼ oz. almond paste

7½ oz. butter

3 eggs

7½ oz. almond powder

3¾ oz. pastry cream

3 oz. Callebaut 811NV dark chocolate

Banana Cremeux:

5 oz. banana puree

1½ oz. egg yolk

1¾ oz. eggs

1½ oz. sugar

¼ oz. lemon juice

1¾ oz. butter

1½ gelatin sheet


as needed, dark chocolate glazing

as needed, dark chocolate rings

as needed, caramelized banana slices

For sable dough: Beat butter, sugar, salt and egg together. Add broyage, then add flour and vanilla. Let mixture rest in refrigerator for 3-4 hours. Roll out and cut into rectangles.

For Peru chocolate mousse: Melt chocolate. Boil sugar syrup, then pour on egg yolks. Make a pate a bombe. Whip the cream; add and beat.

For chocolate almond cream: Mix sugar, almond paste, butter, eggs, almond powder and pastry cream. Melt dark chocolate and mi in. Pipe into the sable dough and bake for 6-7 minutes at 350°F.

For banana cremeux: Mix banana puree, egg yolks, eggs, sugar and lemon juice while stirring continuously. Leave to cool to 95-104°F. Add butter and mix. Add gelatin. Pour into Flexipan moulds.

Layer beginning with sablé dough, then chocolate almond cream, Peru chocolate mousse, banana cremeux, dark chocolate glazing, dark chocolate rings, and caramelized banana slices.