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Alaska Sole Slider

Alaska Sole Slider

Yield: 8 servings, 2 sliders per order.

1 cup breadcrumbs

¾ tsp. salt

½ tsp. dried basil

2 lb. Alaska sole fillets (16), 2-oz. portions

as needed, canola or olive oil spray

Basil-Lemon Aioli*

1½ cups mayonnaise

1½ cups basil, fresh, julienned

3 lemons, zested

½ cup lemon juice, fresh

4 Tbsp. capers, coarsely chopped

1 tsp. salt

16 romaine or butter lettuce leaves, small pieces

4 Roma tomatoes

16 mini buns, 2-2½" in diameter

For Alaska sole: Mix breadcrumbs, salt and basil together. Cut each sole fillet in half. Press breadcrumb mixture onto each fillet. Chill for 1 hour. Spray saute pan with oil spray and saute fish.

For basil-lemon aioli: Whisk together mayonnaise, basil, lemon zest and juice, capers and salt.

For assembly: Toast the buns. Place 1 Tbsp. basil-lemon aioli on top and bottom of each bun. Top with lettuce and slice of tomato. Top with fish and 1 tsp. basil-lemon aioli.

*May substitute tartar sauce for basil-lemon aioli.

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