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15 sweet inspirations for National Dessert Month

Fruit-based creations and hearty flavors such as Pistachio Pie from WildFlour in Charleston, SC, and Candied Duck Bacon Maple Fried Ice Cream from Chef Eric Lackey, Ulele, Tampa, FL, set the scene for fall dining. Ethnic cuisines are inspiring a fresh look at sweet endings, too. At several Asian restaurants in L.A., ingredients such as soy sauce, black sticky rice and green tea are finding their way into memorable desserts.

For example, Sushi Roku’s desserts include Green Tea Cappuccino with green tea cream, ice cream and espuma, as well as Ginger Panna Cotta served with coconut sorbet and candied orange.

Pastry chef Gregory Baumgartner of E.P. & L.P. offers eye-catching dessert presentations including Black Beauty, with black sticky rice, cucumber cream and Szechuan cotton candy.

The Kuromitsu (black honey Japanese syrup) dessert at Providence incorporates buckwheat, soy sauce and Illanka (Peruvian chocolate).

In San Diego, Chef Haley Sipan of Barleymash offers a spin on an American classic with the Grilled S’mores Sandwich with bourbon chocolate ganache and vanilla bean marshmallows. It’s served on toasted cinnamon swirl bread.

These 10 recipes can get your creative juices flowing for National Dessert Month.

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