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New on the Menu: Kangaroo skewers and a green Mojito

Plus new takes on traditional chicken ballotine, a steak sandwich, and wine-poached pear

Creating a genuinely new dish — something the likes of which no one has ever seen before — might not be impossible (or it might be), but it’s certainly rare, but chefs can certainly put their own twists on classics and maybe improve the overall experience. That’s what several chefs are doing with the dishes in this week’s New on the Menu.

At Pizza Serata in Washington, D.C., Chris Morgan dresses up his skirt steak sandwich with Calabrian chile aïoli and salsa verde on focaccia and declares that it “will make you forget all other steak sandwiches.”

Maybe so.

At Hartstone Inn in Camden, Maine, Dustin Shockley takes a traditional chicken ballotine and makes it more consistent and elegant with the use of a fairly new ingredient in most chefs’ pantries (say, less than 20 years) — transglutaminase.

At Alfresco Tap and Grill in Washington, D.C., Israel Bartoli makes a Mojito green by puréeing the mint (and adding kiwi and kale).

At Brooklyn Winery, chef Shaun LaFountain takes the extremely classical French dish of pears poached in red wine and makes it his own by using the winery’s 2016 Zinfandel (and also making it more savory than usual).

Elsewhere in New York, as Isla & Co., Matt Foley serves meat skewers of tahini. The twist: The meat is kangaroo.

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Correction: March 10, 2023
This gallery has been updated with more details about the preparation of the pearl onions garnishing the Chicken Ballotine at Hartstone Inn.
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