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New on the Menu

New on the Menu: Brown rice mousse, low-waste lobster and mackerel in fish sauce caramel

Plus cheesecake-inspired ice cream and a giant board of steak

Steakhouses traditionally have been places where guests each get their own large, individual hunk of protein and then share sides of creamed spinach, scalloped potatoes, roasted mushrooms etc., but in recent years, starting before the pandemic, operators were seeing younger guests ordering multiple steaks and then sharing them. Brad Wise, owner and chef of Rare Society in Santa Barbara, Calif., is apparently responding to that behavioral shift with his Executive Board, three cuts of beef cooked on the restaurant’s grill fired by Central Coast oak and served on a lazy Susan.

At Bar Spero, which is slated to open soon in Washington, D.C., chef Johnny Spero is serving a frozen dessert that is inspired by the gooey cheesecake he enjoyed in the Basque country.

Korea, France and New York City are the inspirations for the menu at Lysée, a dessert “gallery” in New York, where owner Eunji Lee’s signature dessert features a mousse flavored with Korean brown rice, two different types of French cookies and New Orleans pecan praline (because why not?). 

A few blocks away, a completely different Korean chef, Sol Han, at a completely different restaurant in Manhattan, LittleMäd, is serving up a tomalley-to-tail low waste lobster dish as part of his tasting menu, complete with kimchi made with knuckle and claw meat.

And at Fish Cheeks, a Thai restaurant a bit farther south in Manhattan, new chef Dustin Everett is serving up grilled mackerel in fish sauce with green mango salad.

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