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Nation’s Restaurant News editor talks beverage trends

Take a walk around the National Restaurant Association Show with Bret Thorn


Nation’s Restaurant News senior food and beverage director Bret Thorn walked the floor at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago in May. He spotted a few beverage trends while he was there.

In this “Happy Hour” segment, Thorn walks you through the beverage pavilion of the NRA Show alongside NRN contributor Diana Blass.

Some of the drinks featured include:

  • A THC seltzer using Delta-8
  • A hot mulled beer that’s available only in the winter
  • Ready-to-drink cocktails in small portions
  • A variety of fruit liquors made with sugar cane alcohol

Plus, the two checked out beer tubes, which are self-contained systems for draft beers, cocktails or wine.

TAGS: Drink Trends
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