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Roundtables: Confab Central

Roundtables: Confab Central

Michael Attias

Dino Lambridis

ALL EARS: Operators made the most of their time, sharing ideas and picking up pointers from Dave Magrogan and other experts.

You've heard of speed dating. How about speed consulting? Once again, the Concepts of Tomorrow Conference scheduled a series of 25-minute roundtable discussions open to all attendees. This year's “faculty” of experts led lively discussions running the gamut from nuts-and-bolts issues to long-term business strategies. Among the participants:

  • Russell Barnett from CBRE's restaurant specialty practice group covered the art of negotiating leases.

  • “Menu magician” Gregg Rapp explained how to increase profits through menu engineering.

  • Acceleron Group's Kep Sweeney was there to show attendees how to find money to grow their concepts.

  • Dino Lambridis, a founder of Evos (a 2008 RH Concept of Tomorrow), discussed ways to profit from green development.

  • Ways to manage effective e-mail marketing and build customer databases were covered by Boris Bugarski of mUrgent Corp.

  • Beverage guru Patrick Henry suggested techniques for boosting check averages through beverage promotions.

  • Michael Attias of offered advice on how to bring in incremental sales through catering.

  • Dave Magrogan of the DMG Group expanded on his discussion of the 10 Unbreakable Laws of Business Success.

  • Dunbar & Associates' Joe Dunbar explained how to make a menu a profitable sales tool.

  • Author Ty Freyvogel explored ways to reduce employee turnover.

  • Industry veteran Fred LeFranc looked more closely at the process of developing a strategic plan.

  • Rob Hill, a partner with the J.H. Chapman Group, talked about what a new concept should do to maximize its potential value.

  • Linda Funk and Angela Hemauer from the Soyfoods Council discussed ways to boost profitability of menu favorites with healthy oils and proteins.