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Chew on this: Restaurants try to woo Millennials

Chew on this: Restaurants try to woo Millennials

As the Affordable Care Act rolls out, how to finance those new costs is a top concern for many restaurant owners. A multiunit restaurant owner from Washington, D.C., shared his company's cost-cutting and revenue-increasing strategy to pay for the new coverage, while other operators are adopting the San Francisco model of tacking surcharges onto bills. Another concern — staying relevant to diners — is driving a number of chains to change their tactics to attract Millennials. Another group restaurants need to attract? Workers. With a net 38,000 new jobs in May, the industry is leading the jobs recovery. Finally, one New York City restaurant has solved the age-old tipping dilemma by putting its servers on salary and banishing tips.

• Chains try to woo a younger generation. Millennials aren't eating out like previous generations. (The New York Times)
• Restaurant brainstorms how to afford Obamacare. Clyde's Restaurant Group in Washington, D.C., grapples with the changes the Affordable Care Act will bring. (NPR)
• More restaurants tacking on healthcare surcharges Sign of the times: Some restaurants have found a way to pass along the cost of mandatory health benefits. (Consumer Traveler)
• Restaurant hiring booms. The restaurant industry is creating jobs at twice the rate of the overall economy. (Wall Street Cheat Sheet)
• New York restaurant bans tips. Diners don't know what to make of a sushi restaurant's new policy banning tips. (ABC News)

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