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Three of the latest retail/restaurant mashups

Peek inside Crate&Barrel, Lululemon and Tommy Bahama's new concepts

Does it seem like every new store has a restaurant inside? 

The hope is that by adding restaurants, retailers can get people off their couches and into the shops. 

"You're placemaking, and you're creating an experience," said Scott Benson, a vice president at Metro Commercial, who follows the restaurant/retail trend. These retailers can be driven by different motivations —brand recognition, marketing, direct or online sales, said Benson. But restaurants or food concepts are part of achieving their goals.

Crate&Barrel and Lululemon are two of the latest retailers to jump on to the restaurant trend. Tommy Bahama has had restaurant concepts since the late 90s, but has recently opened quicker service concepts as it evolves to suit diners' habits. 

Take a look.

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