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LPM Las Vegas Interior (3).jpg Photo courtesy of LPM Restaurant & Bar
LPM Restaurant & Bar Las Vegas opened in November and is now preparing for a Super Bowl/Valentine's Day influx.

How a new Las Vegas restaurant is preparing for the Super Bowl

LPM Restaurant & Bar in Las Vegas has already been experiencing an uptick in business, including ‘several buyouts,’ ahead of the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is the actual Super Bowl of U.S. sporting events if that makes sense? Last year’s NFL championship game averaged 114.21 million viewers and brought over 100,000 visitors to the Glendale, Ariz., area, who collectively spent about $200 million on things like hotels, rental cars, and, of course, restaurants.

This year’s impact is expected to be even bigger (the game is in Vegas, after all, which tends to not go small). The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority expects 330,000 visitors to descend on Sin City this weekend ahead of Sunday’s kickoff between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. All of those people have to eat, so what possibly are restaurants doing to prepare for such an influx?

We asked Jared Kadzikowski that very question. He is the senior general manager of LPM Restaurant & Bar, the newest restaurant to open at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, which features a menu inspired by the French Riveria.

He also has a unique situation in that the restaurant has only been open since November, so … not a lot of training time here. That said, he feels more than prepared to execute the restaurant’s game plan this weekend. The restaurant has already been experiencing an increase in covers per night leading up to the game, in addition to several buyouts.

“We are excited to celebrate all occasions, however the influx in traffic has given us the opportunity to host more large groups and organized events ahead of the game,” he said. “We expect sportsbook fans, cocktail gurus, athletes, celebrities, and guests from across the globe to visit LPM Restaurant & Bar.”

Leading up to Sunday’s game, LPM Restaurant & Bar is adding “a few” more staff members and service stations to meet and exceed guest expectations and “really deliver ‘wow’ experiences,” as Kadzikowski said.

The restaurant also trains constantly to ensure proper inventory and service timing, ensuring it is prepared not just for the Super Bowl, but all citywide events all year.   

“Las Vegas is home to hosting large-scale events year-round. The culinary team is skilled in staying on top of food inventory and thinking ahead of the game,” Kadzikowski said.

Notably, once the football crowd dissipates from the Las Vegas Strip, restaurants will have to pivot quickly to welcome the Valentine’s Day crowd just three days later. Valentine’s Day is historically one of the busiest days for restaurants, alongside Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. For this occasion, LPM Restaurant & Bar is offering a special menu curated by its culinary team, featuring starters like burrata and warm prawn, and main courses like grilled beef tenderloin and homemade Mafaldine pasta. It is also reconfiguring its furniture to maximize dining room space to accommodate as many couples as possible.

“For Valentine’s Day, we anticipate a more intimate, romantic dining experience for some of our locals,” Kadzikowski said. “The Las Vegas hospitality industry thrives during busy seasons. LPM Restaurant & Bar is always prepared.”

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