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Flavor of the Week

The drink with a kick: Spicy Margarita

Margaritas are U.S. consumers’ most-loved cocktail, and as Americans’ love of spicy food grows, so does their love of a little “kick” in their favorite beverage.

The spice found in a spicy margarita can vary depending on the maker, but it is most commonly a jalapeño, nicely balancing the typically sweet cocktail. But any kind of chili can be used to make a spicy margarita, which makes the growing drink endlessly customizable for innovative restaurant operators.

Market research firm Datassential reports that 64% of the population knows about spicy margaritas but only 29% have tried one, with awareness highest among Asian and Gen X consumers as well as those with incomes of more than $100,000.

Click through the gallery to learn more about this Flavor of the Week and see how one restaurant is using the spicy margarita on its menu.

TAGS: Drink Trends
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