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One Market Restaurant serves Chickpea Fries with harissa aioli
<p>One Market Restaurant serves Chickpea Fries with harissa aioli.</p>

Tap into the roots of Mediterranean comfort food

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Mediterranean comfort food is defined differently by different chefs, but all agree that the flavors of the region make these specialties memorable.

At One Market Restaurant in San Francisco, Chickpea Fries ($6.75) are a specialty side dish served with harissa aioli. Chef Mark Dommen says the inspiration for this recipe was the classic panisse from Southern France.

“When I was learning how to cook, I used to make them, cut them out in circles, and fry them. When I got to One Market back in 2004 and had to have side dishes,” he says, “I thought it would be a good idea to cut them into sticks and fry them. They became really popular really fast.”

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