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Sweet Corn Ravioli with Blistered Grapes

Sweet Corn Ravioli with Blistered Grapes

From: Executive chef Brian Pawlak of DeepWood Restaurant, Columbus, OH. Yield: 40 to 50 ravioli.

Pasta Dough:
3½ cups all-purpose flour
4 eggs
1 tsp. salt

Sweet Corn Filling:
¼ cup garlic, finely chopped
¼ cup shallots, finely chopped
10 ears corn
1 cup Madeira
1 cup mascarpone

Pistachio Pesto:
1½ cups parsley
1 cup basil
½ cup grated Parmesan cheese
3 Tbsp. olive oil
to taste, salt and pepper

Lemon Emulsion:
14 lemons
1 cup sugar
4 thyme sprigs
15 grams agar agar
4 drops yellow food dye

Blistered Grapes:
2 lb. red seedless grapes
1 Tbsp. sugar
3 Tbsp.oil
to taste, salt

For the pasta: Place flour in a bowl. Make a well, then add eggs and salt. Using a fork, combine eggs into flour. Add extra flour as needed to form dough into a ball. Knead for 10 minutes, then let dough rest for ½ hour. Run dough through pasta machine on setting #6. Fill raviolis with 1 Tbsp. sweet corn filling and seal. Drop into boiling salted water and cook until done, 3-4 minutes.

For filling: Saute garlic and shallots over low heat; add fresh corn and cook until caramelization begins. Add Madeira to pan and cook until reduced by half. Incorporate mascarpone into mixture; cool in refrigerator. Mixture should be thick.

For pistachio pesto: Mix ingredients in a food processor. Toss with cooked ravioli.

For lemon emulsion: Zest and juice 10 lemons; combine juice, thyme, 1 cup sugar and 2½ cups water. Simmer to reduce until total volume is 2 cups. Puree in blender with 4 drops yellow food dye. Place 1 cup water into pot; dissolve with agar agar. Bring to boil, then add lemon mixture. Return to a boil; strain and cool. Once cool, emulsion will be firm. Place in blender, adding just enough liquid to mix.

For blistered grapes: Remove grapes from stems. Mix all ingredients in bowl, then spread on baking sheet. Bake at 350°F until grapes begin to pop.

To plate: Add 2-3 Tbsp. lemon sauce to plate. Place ravioli; top with blistered grapes.

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