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Pork Belly Confit and Potato Gnocchi Hash

Photo: National Pork Board/2014 Pork Summit

From: Chef Tony Incontro. Yield: 12 servings.

as needed, pork belly confit
as needed, potato gnocchi
12 poached eggs
as needed, chives, minced

Pork Belly:
½ pork belly
as needed, lardo

Potato Gnocchi:
1 lb. flour
8 whole eggs
5 lb. potatoes
¼ cup Parmesan cheese
1 pinch nutmeg

For pork belly: Melt down lardo. Confit the pork belly in melted lardo for 4 hours until tender. Remove belly and rough chop.

For potato gnocchi: Cook potatoes in 350°F oven, skin-on, until tender. Once tender, remove skin and process through food mill. Let cool. Make a well with the flour, add potatoes and slowly incorporate eggs into dough. Mix by hand until dough is a pliable ball; do not over-mix. Roll into long barrels, cut into ½” pieces. Poach in salted boiling water until gnocchi floats.

To assemble: Saute pork belly confit with gnocchi. Top with poached eggs and chives.

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