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Kubanaso Sandwich

Kubanaso Sandwich

From: Chef/owner Manny Mendez, Kuba Kuba, Richmond, VA. Yield: 8 servings.

16 slices Cuban bread
as needed, yellow mustard
32 oz. slow-roasted pork
as needed, ham, thinly sliced
32 Spanish chorizo links, peeled, cut into 4 slices
as needed, Swiss cheese
16 pickle slices

Slow-Roasted Pork:
2.5 to 3 lb. pork shoulder, bone-in, room temperature
1 qt. aromatics and restaurant trim, as needed (see below)

Aromatics and Restaurant Trim:
as needed, onion
as needed, carrot
as needed, celery
as needed, peppercorns
as needed, parsley
as needed, cilantro
as needed, garlic
as needed, shallot
as needed, asparagus tips
as needed, potato peels

Mojo Sauce:
as needed, equal parts, lime juice and orange juice
as needed, garlic
as needed, tomato
as needed, garlic powder
as needed, onion powder
as needed, red wine vinegar
as needed, sugar
to taste, salt and ground pepper

For slow-roasted pork: Preheat oven to 325°F. Place pork and aromatics in a braising pan. Add two inches of water to pan. Cover and braise for 11 hours (overnight). Remove from oven and cool completely. Use meat the following day.

For mojo sauce: Combine all ingredients and mix well to combine.

For sandwich: Grill chorizo. Spread mustard on inside of each bread slice. Add roast pork, ham, chorizo, Swiss cheese and pickles.

Press sandwich on a panini machine or flattop. Cook until heated through. If desired, serve with fried plantains and mojo sauce.

Photograph: National Pork Board

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