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From: Executive pastry chef Jordi Panisello, Chez Bon Bon, Fontainebleau Miami Beach. This is the chef’s take on the American classic Twinkie.

Yield: 12 servings.

Step One:
5 oz. egg yolks
3 oz. eggs
4½ oz. sugar
2⁄3 oz. inverted sugar

Step Two:
8 oz. egg whites
3 oz. sugar
6½ oz. almond flour, sifted
4½ oz. cake flour, sifted
3¼ oz. vegetable oil
1 lemon, zest only

16 oz. butter, soft
24 oz. powdered sugar
¼ oz. vanilla extract
1 oz. hot water

Step one: Place ingredients in a mixer; with a whisk on full speed, whisk until mixture is light and reaches ribbon stage. Set mixture aside.

Step two: Whip egg whites and sugar together in mixer until they reach soft peak stage. Gently fold step one mixture into egg white and sugar mixture, then fold in sifted flours. In a bowl, place 10 percent of mix and incorporate oil and lemon zest. Fold in rest of the mix.

Pipe mixture into grease-sprayed molds ¾ of the way, and bake at 325°F for 14 minutes. Remove from molds, cool and fill with butter cream.

For filling: In electric mixer fixed with paddle, add soft butter, powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Whip until light; add hot water, mix well and fill the Jordies.

Note: After filling, the Jordies are dipped in white chocolate with the Fontainebleau Chez Bon Bon logo.

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