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Joey Campanaro: 5 things I can't live without

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Hey, do you like meat? Yeah, then you should hang out with Joey Campanaro. He’s the chef/owner of The Little Owl in New York City’s West Village. As much as anyone, he helped jump-start the slider craze that’s still going strong today. His pork chop is such a wonder, a photo of it landed on the cover of Bon Appetit. And if you’re going to talk meatballs, you’d better talk Joey Campanaro. Esquire claims he has “the best balls,” and we’re pretty sure it’s talking about his meatball sandwich.

Beyond The Little Owl, Joey is partners in another restaurant called Market Table and the newly opened The Clam. Just because Campanaro likes meat doesn’t mean he’s a one-trick pony.

1. Garlic. It’s essential in the kitchen. I marinate pork chops with garlic. I sauté the meatballs with garlic. The list goes on. A little cloves equal a lot of flavor, and it’s good for you, too.

2. Maggie Baisch Hollingsworth. She runs our special events and makes everything happen, and I mean anything. We call her M.B.H. Plus she does the flowers for The Little Owl. Watching her transform a space is always inspiring.

3. Little Owl Vintage Hoodie. A couple years ago we made custom hoodies for a staff party, but then lots of friends, family members and guests wanted them. I live in my hoodie when it’s cold. It’s really thick and comfortable. And when it’s warm, I wear long sleeve Little Owl T-shirts.

4. Lavazza Coffee. Especially after a really long night at cooking gigs. I drink it every morning when I get to the Little Owl and before I check my emails. Also, I love blood orange aranciata (a flavored sparkling water).

5. Donna Hay Cookbooks. Anything from her. Her food is simple and beautiful.

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