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Texas Market Salad

Texas Market Salad

From: Chef Chris Shepherd, Catalan Food & Wine, Houston, TX. This salad combines sliced Cervena Venison, local arugula and blueberries, Texas pecans and “Pure Luck” goat cheese vinaigrette. Yield: 4 servings.

Cervena Venison:

2 Tbsp. olive oil

to taste, salt and pepper

1½ lb. Cervena Venison Denver leg

Goat Cheese Vinaigrette:

4 oz. Pure Luck Dairy fresh goat cheese

3 oz. red wine vinegar

1 cup olive oil

to taste, salt and pepper


8 oz. baby arugula

¼ cup Texas blueberries

¼ cup Texas pecans, toasted

as needed, goat cheese vinaigrette

as needed, Cervena Venison

For Cervena Venison: Rub venison with oil and season on both sides with salt and pepper. In large saute pan over medium high heat, sear venison on all sides and cook to medium rare.

For vinaigrette: Whisk goat cheese and vinegar together. Slowly whisk in oil until emulsified.

For salad: In large bowl, toss arugula with desired amount of dressing, blueberries and pecans. Spoon dressing onto the plate and top with salad. Thinly slice Cervena Venison and arrange around the salad.

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