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Sizzle: Sensational Barbecue Food

Sizzle: Sensational Barbecue Food

By Julio Biuso
Julie Biuso Publications, $19.95

The author is a “cooking personality” in New Zealand, doesn't have a restaurant background and her book is aimed at home cooks who wish to cook outside. No matter. Despite these long odds, the 100-plus recipes in her book contain plenty of winners that would fit well on many contemporary American menus. Items like her Pots of Gold (think single-serve fondues); Polpettini (akin to Italian meatballs on skewers); and Avocado, Bacon & Corn Baps (a sort of grilled sandwich) will have you wondering what else that's big in New Zealand might work for you. Considering the modest price, this is a lot of book for the money.

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